About Us

 Royal Saffron offers an exquisite culinary experience rooted in authentic Indian flavours. With a passion for exceptional service and a commitment to quality, we strive to create memorable dining moments for our valued guests. Discover our story and savour the essence of India at Royal Saffron.

Our Story

Our journey at Royal Saffron started with a deep passion for providing an unparalleled Indian dining experience. Since our humble beginnings, we have become a well-known restaurant that offers a sophisticated atmosphere, locally-sourced ingredients, and culinary expertise. We take pride in every dish we prepare with care and serve with a friendly smile. Join us in our story and savour the delicious flavours that define Royal Saffron.

Hand-crafted Decor

In total 650m² mix of styles and colors.

Cozy Place

Feel at home and find your atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our greenery and away from the crowds.

Our Specialties

Experience the essence of Indian cuisine at Royal Saffron, where each dish is a culinary masterpiece of vibrant flavours.

NYUS Toasted Bread with Grape

Bread / Cream / Grape

NYUS Cheesy Fruits Cake

Cake / Fruits / Cheese


Meet The Team of NYUS.

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Tony Gordon

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